Or...perhaps you don't even know what Xeriscaping consists of. Water-wise planting is planting your gardens in an ecologically natural way. Using plants that are easily adaptable to your area and conditions will conserve the natural resources that are required for maintaining your gardens. Natural Ponds and Gardens feels that home owners, landscapers and landscape architects should all use more Water-wise techniques and plants.

Now don't be going crazy thinking that you're going to have a bunch of cactus planted all over your garden. That's not what Water-wise planting means. There are a wide variety of water-wise plants available. Water-wise goes deeper than that. It is the opinion of Natural Ponds and Gardens that water-wise also means using drip irrigation, soil amendments, organic fertilizers, mulch and the proper choice of plant life.

Natural Ponds and Gardens is an environmentally conscious company and feels like we should all live more harmoniously with nature. If we take care of nature then nature will take care of us.

It has been documented and proven that a water garden uses less water in a year than a turf yard. Consequently, Natural Ponds and Gardens considers a water garden to also be water-wise planting.

Natural Ponds and Gardens feels they landscape in a way that is natural to the environment and to nature. Join us in our fight to preserve nature and in creating a better place for ourselves and the legacy we are leaving our children.

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